PBS to launch broadband video pilot

Originally published in Current, Aug. 11, 2008
By Jeremy Egner

PBS is still on track to deliver its integrated broadband video system this fall as planned, Jason Seiken, senior v.p. for PBS Interactive, told stations in a memo last week.

The so-called comprehensive online video ecosystem (COVE) will feature a unified back end that enables stations to feature both locally and nationally produced videos on their sites and share their broadband productions with others in the system. PBS hired thePlatform, a Seattle-based video management and publishing company that is a subsidiary of cable giant Comcast, to manage the system.

PBS will soon launch a 14-station pilot to test various pieces of the system. The pilot stations include Iowa Public Television; KCET in Los Angeles; KCPT in Kansas City, Mo.; KERA in Dallas; Kentucky Educational Television; KNME in Albuquerque, N.M.; Mountain Lake PBS in Plattsburgh, N.Y.; Maryland Public Television; Oregon Public Broadcasting; WHUT in Washington, D.C.; WHYY in Philadelphia; WNET in New York; WTTW in Chicago; and WXXI in Rochester, N.Y.

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PBS picks vendor, will put web video "back end" in motion by fall, May 2008.


Movement toward consolidated handling of content is underway in radio, too, as NPR buys Public Interactive from PRI.


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