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Communications Act sections pertinent to CPB and public broadcasting

Descended from the 1967 Public Broadcasting Act, these sections of the U.S. Code authorize federal aid to public broadcasting through CPB. Another subpart of the Communications Act authorizes PTFP, the agency that makes matching grants for facilities construction and equipment purchases. These documents are maintained on the web server of Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute. Up to date through Aug. 1, 2003.

Index to provisions

Subpart D - Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Section 396. Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
(a) Congressional declaration of policy.
(b) Establishment of Corporation; application of District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation Act.
(c) Board of Directors; functions, duties, etc.
(d) Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman; compensation of Board members.
(e) Officers and employees; term of office, compensation, qualifications, and removal; political party affiliation, political test or qualification when taking personnel actions.
(f) Nonprofit and nonpolitical nature of Corporation.
(g) Purposes and activities of Corporation; powers under District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation Act.
(h) Free or reduced rate interconnection service; access to facilities.
(i) Report to Congress.
(j) Repeal, alteration, or amendment.
(k) Financing restrictions.
(l) Financial management and records.
(m) Needs of minorities and other groups.
Subpart E - General Provisions
Section 397. Definitions.
Section 398. Federal interference or control.
(a) Prohibition.
(b) Equal opportunity employment.
(c) Control over content or distribution of programs.
Section 399. Support of political candidates prohibited.
Section 399a. Use of business or institutional logograms.

(a) ''Business or institutional logogram'' defined.
(b) Permitted uses.
(c) Authority of Commission not limited.
Section 399b. Offering of certain services, facilities, or products by public broadcast station.
(a) ''Advertisement'' defined.
(b) Offering of services, facilities, or products permitted; advertisements prohibited.
(c) Use of funds from offering services, etc.
(d) Development of accounting system.
Where are these provisions in the law books?
U.S. Code, Title 47 - Telegraphs, Telephones, and Radiotelegraphs,
Chapter 5 - Wire or Radio Communication,
Part IV - Assistance for Planning and Construction of Public Telecommunications Facilities; Telecommunications Demonstrations; Corporation for Public Broadcasting; General Provisions
Subparts D and E
(D is CPB, E is General Provisions)


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