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PBS Board resolution on FY05 budget

This resolution proposed by the board's Finance Committee, was approved by voice vote of the PBS Board June 22, 2004. It responds to an earlier petition by numerous stations.

The PBS Finance and Budget Committee approved amending the FY 2005 budget proposal to reduce the increase in the proposed National Program Service assessment from 7.5 % to 3% and to reduce the proposed Member Service assessment from 5% to 3% dues provided that the dues formula for calculating these assessments is capped at a level that provides benefit to the largest number of members with special attention to those members with adjusted budgets of less than $2 million. This shall be accomplished with the review and endorsement of the Finance and Budget Committee.

In addition, the committee recommends that the PBS Board of Directors and management take immediate steps to:

1. Engage in a strategic reorganization to assure that PBS is properly aligned to make the most efficient use of its resources in service to its significant activities, particularly the National Program Service and its service to local stations.

2. Implement a new and more rigorous set of measurements to:

a. Evaluate the performance of every program in the National Program Service;
b. Develop tiers of programs and services, taking into account the effect on common carriage and dues; and
c. Assure transparency in the program selection process, including a line item program budget review by the Content Policy Committee

3. Explore new models for board composition and representation to achieve more effective governance.

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Posted June 22, 2004