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Two-guy staff starts building NPR morning show on the Web

Originally published in Current, April 9, 2007

NPR’s future morning show for post-boomers last week started incubating in a blog at bryantpark.

Bryant Park Project (B double-P) is the show’s working title until it gets a real name, probably before it goes on air in September, according to blog posts by the two-person startup staff, co-host Luke Burbank and supervising senior producer Matt Martinez. The actual park is near NPR’s New York bureau, where they will develop the show and behind the famed New York Public Library.

[NPR announced April 27 that Alison Stewart, a news anchor at MSNBC, will co-host the show with Burbank.]

The blog offered no audio as of last week, but it has a relaxed video demonstrating that the two young journalists don’t take themselves too seriously.

NPR’s forthcoming daily program designed for an African-American audience, to be hosted by Michel Martin, is incubating in a similar “Rough Cuts” blog on NPR’s site.

The Bryant Park show, two hours in the morning, “will be a more conversational approach to the day’s news geared toward younger listeners in their 20s and 30s,” Martinez wrote. “Maybe some 40-year-olds. And perhaps one or two 50- or 60-year-olds,” he added. “Beyond the daily radio show, the program will continue throughout the day on our website, through podcasts and through this blog.”

Burbank has reported for This American Life and NPR newsmags, and worked in commercial radio. He joined NPR as a booker for Day to Day in 2003.

Martinez joined NPR as a producer and director on All Things Considered. He later worked with Scott Simon on Weekend Edition Saturday.

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Using a procedure that NPR calls Rough Cuts, Bryant Park Project gets its start as a blog.

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What is Bryant Park, really? See pix on FlickrThe park is overseen by the American Standard Building.

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