Selections from the newspaper about
public TV and radio in the United States
Elements of a Native public radio system

Native American public radio stations
in the United States

KNBA-FM, Anchorage, Alaska
KBRW-AM, Barrow, Alaska
KYUK-AM, Bethel, Alaska
KCUK-FM, Chevak, Alaska
KZPA-AM, Fort Yukon, Alaska
KIYU-AM, Galena, Alaska
KOTZ-AM, Kotzebue, Alaska
KSDP-AM, Sand Point, Alaska
KUHB-FM, St. Paul Island, Alaska
KNSA-AM, Unalakleet, Alaska
KNNB-FM, Whiteriver, Ariz. [article]
KUYI-FM, Hotevilla, Ariz.
KGHR-FM, Tuba City, Ariz.
KRMH-FM, Tec Nos Pos, Ariz.
KOEN-FM, Sells, Ariz.
KIDE-FM, Hoopa, Ariz.
KSUT-FM, Ignacio, Colo.
KGVA-FM, Harlem, Mont.
KEYA-FM, Belcourt, N.D.
KABU-FM, St. Michaels, N.D.
KMHA-FM, New Town, N.D.
KCIE-FM, Dulce, N.M.
KABR-AM, Magdalena, N.M.
KTDB-FM, Pine Hill, N.M.
KSHI-FM, Zuni, N.M.
KWSO-FM, Warm Springs, Ore.
KCUW-LP, Pendleton, Ore.
KLND-FM, McLaughlin, S.D.
KILI-FM, Porcupine, S.D.
KYNR-AM, Toppenish, Wash.
WOJB-FM, Hayward, Wis.
KWRR-FM, Fort Washakie, Wyo.

Compiled by Bruce Theriault and Felice Tilin

Web page posted May 13, 2004
The newspaper about public TV and radio
in the United States
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Bruce Theriault and Felice Tilin, consultants who studied Native radio for CPB, say its service is at the core of public radio's values.

NFCB proposes Center for Native Radio to assist stations on the reservations, 2004.


Map of Native station locations compiled by AIROS.

Native-controlled Koahnic Broadcasting Corp., Anchorage. Live stream of Koahnic's Anchorage station, KNBA.

Koahnic's National Native News.

Koahnic's Native America Calling.

AIROS satellite system for public radio. Live audio stream.

Native American Public Telecommunications, Lincoln, Neb., CPB-backed consortium for public TV.


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