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For the moment, CPB Board will be 83 percent Democrats

Originally published in Current, Dec. 16, 1996

At the end of December the CPB Board, now nine members, will be down to six, with terms' end for three directors — Honey Alexander, Carolyn Bacon and former Chair Sheila Tate. During the board's Nov. 14 meeting in Denver, they gave their farewells and received honorific proclamations from the city's mayor.

With the loss of the three Republicans, the board now has only one, Ritajean Butterworth, plus independent Henry Cauthen and four Democrats: Chair Alan Sagner, Vice Chair Diane Blair, Frank Cruz and Heidi Shulman.

CPB's authorizing law permits no more than five board members from one party, so President Clinton will be able to nominate no more than one Democrat in filling the three openings. Among the terms of present members, Shulman's is the first to end, in December 1997; she was nominated during a congressional recess and not confirmed by the Senate.

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Following President Clinton's election, CPB Board power swings to Democrats, Alan Sagner elected chairman, 1996.


Following the election of the second President Bush, CPB Board has five Republicans, 2004.