Public Media Futures will produce two webinars examining changes in the pubradio economy.

In each of the Nov. 5 and 6 web conferences, project co-director Mark Fuerst will reprise a presentation he delivered during the recent Public Radio Program Directors Association conference in Atlanta, Ga.

Among other highlights, each session will:

  • Assess the size and impact of “direct to listener” fundraising activities, including Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns mounted by producers of nationally distributed programs.
  • Examine key sources of revenue supporting the national program economy, including program fees paid by local stations.
  • Identify four vulnerabilities that could lead to some “unraveling” of the program-revenue model.
  • Explore some of the most promising tactics addressing these weaknesses.
  • Estimate the financial impacts of national declines in public radio’s average-quarter-hour ratings.

Registration to each 75-minute webinar, scheduled for 3 p.m. EST Tuesday, Nov. 5 and Wednesday, Nov. 6, is free and open to public radio professionals.