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Managing Editor
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Public TV, CPB Dru Sefton
Senior Editor
Email | 301-270-7240, ext. 39
Public radio, development Benjamin Mook
Senior Editor
Email | 301-270-7240, ext. 32
General assignment Andrew Lapin
Assistant Editor
Email | 301-270-7240, ext. 34
Website and social media Mike Janssen Email | 703-282-1009
Special projects Steve Behrens Email
Subscriptions, invoices & business matters Laura Rogers
Business Manager
Email | 301-270-7240, ext. 38
In Laura’s absence Dorian Jones
Admin. Assistant
Email | 301-270-7240, ext. 36
Display, classified & online ads Kathleen Unwin
Advertising Director
Email | 877-745-8776, ext. 1


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