Posted: September 24, 2003

“The paradox is that the thing that burns me out is the thing that keeps me going,” says NPR’s Terry Gross in the Sacramento Bee.

Posted: September 23, 2003

A Baltimore Sun op-ed makes the case for eliminating taxpayer support for PBS.

Posted: September 23, 2003

NPR ought to correct its imbalanced coverage of the Democratic presidential candidates, argues Ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin in his latest column.

Network says PBS brand helps stations ‘be more’

Posted: September 22, 2003

Inconsistent branding strategies make it increasingly difficult for viewers to see the connections between PBS, the programs it distributes and the local stations that air them. PBS convenes a meeting with station communications execs at Braddock Place this week to … Continue reading

Posted: September 18, 2003

USA Today says Naked in Baghdad, the new book by NPR’s Anne Garrels, is an “engaging and instructive diary.” (Via Romenesko.)

Posted: September 17, 2003

A Maryland PTV v.p. arranged for her boyfriend to win a $54,000 piece of a CPB website grant, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Posted: September 16, 2003

The Columbia Journalism Review profiles the low-power FM movement. CJR‘s website also features an interview with Pete Tridish of the Prometheus Radio Project, the low-power advocacy group that recently won a stay on the FCC’s new media ownership rules. “I … Continue reading