Masterpiece to be umbrella for 3 strands

Posted: May 29, 2007

Suspecting that Masterpiece Theatre is showing its age after 36 seasons — an eon in TV years — the program’s producers at Boston’s WGBH will “polish” the brand and expand into new media platforms in order to bring more structure … Continue reading

Ex-NBC news exec will manage WNET

Posted: January 22, 2007

Neal Shapiro, president of NBC News until 16 months ago, will succeed William Baker as president and c.e.o. of New York’s WNET. Shapiro, 48, a 25-year veteran of network news who ran NBC’s Dateline before heading NBC’s global news operations, … Continue reading

Video-rich website supports Eyes revival

Posted: August 21, 2006

Before Eyes on the Prize returns to PBS Oct. 2 [2006] for its first broadcast in 13 years, will unveil a major website built around content from the seminal documentary series. The site will offer streamed historic video from … Continue reading

Once the feisty advocate for indies, AIVF fades to black

Posted: July 31, 2006

The Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers, a 30-year-old group that coordinated activism and provided networking and training for independent filmmakers, shuttered its offices and shut down operations in late June. The Manhattan-based association told members in March that it … Continue reading

Indecency’s winding road, 1978-2006

Posted: July 17, 2006

July 3, 1978 FCC v. Pacifica Foundation: The Supreme Court upheld the FCC’s right to ban indecent speech when children could be expected to be in the audience. Pacifica’s WBAI in New York had aired George Carlin’s “Filthy Words” monologue … Continue reading