Bylaws of Independent Television Service Inc.

Posted: December 8, 1990

Following up on 1988 legislation that they had lobbied for, independent producers and their advocates incorporated ITVS in 1969 [see Articles of Incorporation] and it began operations in 1991. ARTICLE I BOARD OF DIRECTORS 1. Function and Definitions. The affairs … Continue reading

The Voters’ Channel: A Feasibility Study, 1990

Posted: January 1, 1990

The Markle Foundation, then a major backer of public TV, proposed in 1990 that PBS develop the Voters’ Channel, a project planned to make more useful information available to voters. Here are excerpts from the 132-page feasibility study prepared for … Continue reading

GAO statement on NPR financial crisis, 1984

Posted: February 10, 1984

Statement of Frederick D. Wolf, director of Accounting and Financial Management Division, U.S. General Accounting Office, before the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Feb. 10, 1984. NPR was shaken, its management toppled … Continue reading

Temporary Commission on Alternative Financing, 1983

Posted: October 1, 1983

The Temporary Commission on Alternative Financing for Public Telecommunications (TCAF) delivered its recommendations to Congress on Oct. 1, 1983, after extensive research, including an Advertising Demonstration Program at a number of public TV stations. Letter of transmittal | Membership of … Continue reading

Tuning out education, Chapter 5

Posted: March 25, 1983

Failing to foster lasting Cooperation between commercial broadcasters and educators, but sticking to its rhetoric, NACRE covered up the fatal inertia that plagued U.S. educational broadcasting. Continue reading

Tuning out education, Chapter 4

Posted: February 25, 1983

The Depression created a demand for sober, public-service uses of radio. Seizing the moment, NACRE launched the most ambitious experiments in national educational broadcasting that had ever been tried in America. Continue reading