Reservation of noncomm DBS channels upheld, 1996

Posted: August 30, 1996

This 1996 Circuit Court opinion upholds a provision of the 1992 Cable Act that mandates noncommercial educational or informational programming on 4-7 percent of Direct Broadcast Satellite operators’ channel capacity (DBS provision). The law was not challenged by DBS operators … Continue reading

FCC refuses to de-reserve WQED’s second station, 1996

Posted: July 24, 1996

Before the Federal Communications Commission Washington, D.C. 20554 In the Matter of Deletion of Noncommercial Reservation of Channel *16, 482-488 MHz, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER Adopted: July 24, 1996 Released: August 1, 1996By the Commission: Commissioner Ness issuing … Continue reading

Frank Baxter, television’s first man of learning

Posted: January 29, 1996

Like Norman Corwin, the exceptional radio producer profiled in the last issue of Current, Frank Baxter had his great broadcast successes on the cusp, just before his medium became too commercially successful to continue airing the kind of programs that … Continue reading