PTV Weekend proposal by Lawrence Grossman, 1997

Posted: May 12, 1997

In May 1997, former PBS President Lawrence K. Grossman put forth results of a study backed by the Markle Foundation. He proposed a compromise on corporate support: Public TV would be permitted to raise needed production money by selling on-air … Continue reading

Having ‘done the job,’ Carlson will depart CPB

Posted: February 3, 1997

Richard Carlson, a Republican credited with defending public broadcasting from attacks by members of his party, announced Jan. 24 that he will leave the CPB presidency June 30 or before. He opposed overlapping stations and pushed new rules to limit … Continue reading

KQED made its mark by making programs

Posted: February 3, 1997

San Francisco’s KQED-TV remains one of the most-watched public TV stations in the country, but, in the 1980s and ’90s it suffered under the expectations of a viewership that recalled its early years. David Stewart reminds us of KQED’s fertile … Continue reading

A ragtime pianist shows public TV how to have fun

Posted: September 30, 1996

Max Morath reminded America about a largely forgotten part of its musical legacy, but beyond that achievement of mass education, the musician also helped educational TV accept the element of entertainment in its programs. This article by Contributing Editor David … Continue reading