Pipeline 2010

Posted: November 9, 2009

Projects listed in Current’s annual Pipeline survey are down from 162 last year to 128, which may be consistent with the Great Recession, though the survey isn’t complete or formal enough to serve as a leading (or following) economic indicator. … Continue reading

Pipeline 2009

Posted: December 22, 2008

This annual list, now incorporating its Dec. 22 addendum, includes about 180 noninstructional projects one hour or longer in various stages of planning, fundraising and production that will debut nationally in January 2009 and beyond. ¶ Children’s programs don’t appear … Continue reading

Pipeline 2008

Posted: November 5, 2007

 It won’t cause as many lumps in throats as the highly concentrated preview reel that PBS displays at its Showcase conference each spring, but it offers many jolts of promise for upcoming seasons of public television.Responding to Current’s annual Pipeline … Continue reading

Kids’ pipeline

Posted: August 27, 2007

Debut this fall [2007] Jim Knox’s Wild Zoofari Producing organizations: Jim Knox’s Wild Zoofari LLC. Producer: Rob Child. Creators: Rob Child, Jim Knox, Bruce Knox. Episodes: 14/30. Status: released on DVD 2006. Distributor: APT, from WSBE, Rhode Island. Age group: … Continue reading