Digital Opportunity Investment Trust Act, 2002

Posted: June 10, 2002

On June 10, 2002, Sens. Christopher Dodd and James Jeffords introduced a bill (S. 2603) to authorize the investment of spectrum auction proceeds in public-service content for digital media, apparently inspired in part by the Digital Promise Project of 1991. … Continue reading

Ten Tenets from MPR News, 2001

Posted: August 14, 2001

1) We believe standards matter. We don’t compete with tabloid television, shock-jock radio, or the kind of newspapers found at supermarket check-out stands. We believe public radio must adhere to the highest journalistic principles, ethics and standards for accuracy, balance … Continue reading

The Declaration of Interdependence, 2001

Posted: June 14, 2001

Facing the first major station struggle of her 16 months as PBS president — over the perennial public TV issue of common carriage — Pat Mitchell introduced a “Declaration of Interdependence” at the network’s annual meeting June 14, 2001. The … Continue reading