Public TV privatization drive falters in Idaho

Posted: February 26, 2001

The campaign to throw Idaho Public Television out of the state budget seems to have run out of oomph. On Feb. 20 [2001], the legislature’s Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee okayed IPTV’s funding requests almost without change — without raising … Continue reading

New capital fund helps Colorado network

Posted: October 30, 2000

Thanks to financing from the new Public Radio Capital (PRC) fund, Colorado Public Radio just realized a long-standing goal—buying Denver AM station KVOD, which it plans to program with wall-to-wall classical music. Continue reading

CPB bans list dealings with politicos

Posted: August 2, 1999

To continue receiving CPB aid, public stations must now certify that they don’t exchange member or donor names with political groups, or sell names to them, or buy names from them. “Our goal is to restore the public’s trust in … Continue reading

DEI recommendations for mailing list guidelines

Posted: July 31, 1999

After stations’ list practices exploded as a political issue, an organization of public radio fundraisers, the Development Exchange, issued this advice written by the associate director of its Center for Membership Support. Comments The value of members acquired by mail … Continue reading