Donors demand clearer view of station reality

Posted: September 8, 2003

The bad news: Public radio is a small part of a rapidly expanding nonprofit sector. Competition with other nonprofits for mind-share and donor support will intensify. Moreover, public radio lacks the financial transparency that donors increasingly expect. Continue reading

As local as appropriate

Posted: September 2, 2002

As different as they are, these public radio outposts share a carefully tuned appropriateness of structure. There’s the young two-transmitter operation on the Massachusetts shore. Dotted along Alaska’s southeastern panhandle, there are five little stations that survived the contraction of … Continue reading

Public TV privatization drive falters in Idaho

Posted: February 26, 2001

The campaign to throw Idaho Public Television out of the state budget seems to have run out of oomph. On Feb. 20 [2001], the legislature’s Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee okayed IPTV’s funding requests almost without change — without raising … Continue reading

New capital fund helps Colorado network

Posted: October 30, 2000

Thanks to financing from the new Public Radio Capital (PRC) fund, Colorado Public Radio just realized a long-standing goal—buying Denver AM station KVOD, which it plans to program with wall-to-wall classical music. Continue reading