A multi-platform approach for marketing to your clients in public media

This new package makes it more affordable than ever to reach your best prospects-in print an online.

If you do business in public media (or would like to), we’ve got the perfect package of print display ads, Directory of Services ads and online sponsorship all bundled up at a deeply discounted rate. Savvy marketers use this to maintain a continual presence in the print publication and online at Current.org while stepping up their presence with larger display ads with discount rates at strategic times in their business sales cycle.

The package includes:

  • 6 or 12 print display ads (quarter-page, one-third-page or half-page options available) to run in any issue of your choice during the calendar year
  • 6 or 12 month B-2-B business card listing in our Directory of Services in every print edition
  • 6 or 12 month online sponsorship ad (300X 100) rotated on our home page

All at a substantially discounted price:

6 month package:

  • Quarter-page ad package: $2282 (a $3791 value!)
  • Third-page ad package: $3381 (a $5126 value!)
  • Half-page ad package: $4047 (a $5934 value!)
  • Add  four-color printing at a discounted rate of just $100 per ad.

12 month package:

  • Quarter page ad package: $4564 ($6500 value!)
  • Third page ad package: $6762 ($8855 value!)
  • Half page ad package: $8094 ($10282 value!)
  • Add  four-color printing at a discounted rate of just $100 per ad.

Need more information? Grab our media kit here or contact:

Kathleen Unwin
Advertising Director
877-745-8776, ext. 1