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System revenue, by source, for two decades

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Public TV and radio combined, 1991-2011 (In thousands, add 000)

Revenue source
FY 1991    
FY 1992
FY 1993    
FY 1994    
FY 1995    
FY 1996 (a)    
FY 1997    
FY 1998    
FY 1999    
FY 2000    
FY 2001
FY 2002
FY 2003
FY 2004
FY 2005
FY 2006****
FY 2007
FY 2008
FY 2009
FY 2010
FY 2011
CPB (b)$242,060$251,030$253,309$275,000$285,640$275,000$260,000$250,000$250,000$300,000$340,000$350,000$362,809 (c)$377,800$386,800$396,000$400,000$393,000$400,000$420,000$429,100
Federal grants &
contracts (d)
State & local tax- based (e)$503,446$484,519$475,176$509,528$560,481$517,623$536,456$543,701$541,382$577,187$593,449$589,747$583,350$582,398$590,051$599,889$656,127$672,520$655,733$591,665$564,972
Private sector (f)$884,029$931,775$945,392$955,128$1,018,367$1,099,125$1,076,855$1,174,927$1,196,820$1,283,446$1,301,829$1,287,904$1,295,498$1,343,411$1,349,172$1,634,555$1,786,804$1,710,007$1,508,577$1,608,210$1,759,241
Total revenue$1,720,885$1,790,089$1,790,095$1,794,631$1,917,191$1,955,724$1,935,364$2,016,086$2,039,197$2,202,991$2,280,463$2,287,105$2,333,498$2,370,615$2,392,028$2,704,719$2,922,690$2,849,256$2,643,336$2,708,656$2,835,927
Source: CPB annual revenue reports for fiscal years starting Oct. 1 of previous calendar year.
(a) Revenues for 1996 are accounted on the basis of the new reporting standards, CPB said. Accordingly, direct comparison between 1996 and other years should be avoided.
(b) Does not include supplemental appropriations for digital projects.
(c) In FY 2003, .65% of appropriation was withheld and later CPB received a supplemental appropriation.
(d) Includes the satellite replacement funds.
(e) State and local tax-based sources include revenue received from state and local governments and all tax-supported colleges and universities.
(f) Fiscal years 2006 and later include all "non-eligible" in-kind revenue that previously was not counted by CPB.


Percentage breakdown

CPB appropriation varied, ranging from 12.3% (FY99) to 16.2% (FY05)

Other federal grants and contracts ranged from 1.9% (FY2000) to 6.9% (FY92)

State/local tax-based sources generally fell from 29.3% (FY91) to 19.9% (FY11)

Private sector, including audience, business and foundation sources, generally rose from 51.4% (FY91) to 62% (FY11)

System revenue, four sources, 1991-2011